Hello, I'm Anna (Bertie) van de Braak! I am a freelance photographer based in the north East of England. My primary focus is on Sport photography and videography, specialising in rowing. I also do portrait, wedding and food photography alongside this.

I realised my passion for photography when I was 12 and first picked up a camera. Since then it had been in the back of my mind and I wanted to pursue it as a career path. Within the last year, I set up Bertieshoots as a platform to share my love for photography and to capture lasting memories in time.

I started rowing not long after picking up a camera and so the two naturally coincided. However my photography at that time was merely a hobby. Later in life when I joined the Newcastle University Boat Club, I quickly became a part of a family; being in this environment made photography more enjoyable and I realised it was something I wanted to pursue.

Once I graduated I knew I wanted to stay involved with the club and that is how this business came to be.

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Racing at Tyne United Small Boats Head 2018

If anyone has any queries regarding commissions or events, please fill in a message on the contact page or send an email to annavandebraak@gmail.com


35 Belle grove west

Spital Tongues

Newcastle upon Tyne


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